How to make baby food: BULK COOKING (stage 1 vegetables)

Organic cooking for toddlers and adults too

Organic baby foods are becoming a very popular option for parents who want to ensure that their babies are getting the best nutrients possible. There are strict guidelines regarding the ingredients that are used in commercially prepared baby foods, however, many parents prefer preparing the food at home, using ingredients and proceesees they trust.  Some mums believe that babies will always benefit from home prepared food. 


Preparing food at home — the new trend

More and more parents are now oipting out of commercially manufactured foods and are preparing their baby's meals at home..  If you choose to feed your newborn baby home made food you must learn all there is to know about baby nutrional needs and follow the strict guidelines that govern this field.  Not doing so can cause your baby more harm than good.  So be informed before even thinking of what ingredients to buy.



























Buying organic vegetables and fruit for your baby

Buying ingredients from locally grown organic growers will not only ensure that you are getting the freshest produce, it will also help the environment, and ensure that everyone is doing their bit to help the growing environmental issues in the world.  Additionally, there is merit in purchasing from local growers who you know personally.


You can learn more about organic products here


Whilst most organic producers are honest and ethical, there is a minority of producers who will cheat the system and will stoop to using harmful chemicals in order to increase their yeld.  The labelling and enforcement of organically grown food is not clearly defined in most countries.  And even when there is a well structured system, the enforcement of it is often ineffective.


Costs of producing organic food at home

Organically grown fruit and vegetables are more expensive to produce and therefore they will generally cost more.  However,  if you can purchase the ingredients from local growers you will offset the higher costs because you are buying directly from the grower.  More and more supermarkets are also starting to stock these items because of the increased demand for natural chemical free food.   This translates into savings for your family budget.  Traditionally specialised stores that sells chemical free foods are extremely expensice and some of them are grossly over priced.  So the arrival of organic food isles in the supermarket is a good thing indeed.

The only other expenditure involved is purchasing a quality organic baby food maker.  Once again, because of the high demand, the costs of baby food makers have dropped drammatically in recent times.  Today you can purchase a quality processor for less than $200.  Below we have included an aexample of such a product from Amazon.  We chose this item because the price is exceptionally good and the product is of good quality.  Additionally you have the peace of mind of buying from the world's largest online distributor.


Not just food but also toys

There are many dangers regarding non organic toys that parents simply do not understand, or realize.  Organic baby toys are made from 100% natural materials, and contain no pesticides, or dangers. They are ideal for all babies, and are especially good for ones that may have allergies.  Soft toys are great as teethers, and comforters. The baby will come into contact with these on a regular basis, so they will need to be a 100% organic toy. This will ensure that the baby is safe, and under no risk from the toy that they are playing with.


Varieties of organic toys

Although parents think that organic baby toys are limited in choice this is simply not the case. There are many different varieties, and styles of organic toy to choose from. Many materials can be 100% organic, and this gives a huge array of choice. When looking for plush toys they have to be 100% natural, and will often have labels to prove the authenticity of the materials.  The cotton that is used to produce them will need to be grown with no pesticides.

Wooden organic baby toys and rattles should be made with no paints, or chemicals. Natural wood is not only great for the baby, but also looks good too.  They can be stained with natural dyes that will not harm the baby. Rubber ducks for bath time are often a favorite item to own, and they can be a great organic toy for baby. Organic rubber ducks are made from natural materials, and contain no PVC's, which are harmful.




Think organic look for organic alternatives

Parents want to keep their babies healthy as well as happy, and their small bodies are fragile, and need to be kept safe.  As more people become aware of the techniques to manufacturer goods they are increasing their feeling towards changing to organic products.  Although they can be harder to find putting in the extra effort will be worth it in the long run.


Support stores that sell organic food and toys — make your choice stand

There are many online stores that cater for people looking to buy organic baby toys, and the selection is increasing. Some high street stores are also stocking more choice when it comes to the organic toy range. The prices of these products are decreasing making them a good financial choice as well. No matter why parents are choosing to purchase organic baby toys it is a far better choice.



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