Homemade Pregnancy Test

Types of Pregnancy Tests

Pregnancy tests are physiological tests that assist in identifying whether you are pregnant or not. There different types of pregnancy tests on the market: from, over the counter – self administered tests to tests held at a hospital or medical center.

Nonprescription Pregnancy Tests

home pregnancy test

These tests are without a doubt the most practical and readily available methods for determining whether you are pregnant or not pregnant.

They use a sample of your urine and can be easily self-administered. The over-the-counter maternity kit includes a sample cup and a stick, which gives you the results.

The process is simple, just collect a sample in the cup, immerse the stick in the urine for a predetermined time and then wait for the result. The stick will test for the presence of a hormone whose presence suggests an early indication of maternity.

The only important factor in this test is the timing.  For the test to be accurate you must ensure to follow the prescribed time for the stick to be immersed in the sample, and, of course the time when to view the reading.  Miss one of these and the results will be compromoside.

Pregnancy Tests Held In Medical Centers or at a Hospital

medical pregnancy test

Center based pregnancy and also fertility tests are more reliable and accurate.  These are carried out by skilled specialists and are blood sample based.

Many couples prefer the medically based tests over the home self-administered ones because of their accuracy and reliability.  Tests conducted at a clinic are based on the presence of a specific human hormone.

Blood based tests, held in centers have numerous benefits. In addition of their reliability, these tests can also help identify early signs of possible complications and challenges during the pregnancy.  If these are present, the physician can suggest medication and treatment promptly.

The only challenges involved with medical test is, of course, the cost. These tests are expensive, and they also involve the inconvenience of having to travel to medical centers and waiting for the test to be carried out.  

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